Sunday, 31 July 2011

Episode 6-7: We Are Back Captain America!!

Episode 6-7

Hey guys we are back after we effed up Episode 6 but we are back with a massively long and entertaining episode.

We review Captain America, have a massive Trailer-Spotting and What we consumed discussion. Sadly there ain't no

James but we will have him back but Alex and Iffy bring the fun and difference in opinion as usual (They are wrong

most of the time).


What We Consumed:23.30-1.32.12

Malcolm X
Breaking Bad


Tower Heist
Ides of March
Red Tails
Amazing Spider-Man
Paranormal Activity 3

Captain America Review (Spoilers): 2.12.00-2.58.00

including Avengers Trailer Discussion

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Monday, 18 July 2011

Episode 5: Harry Potter's Feeling Good

Holla Back!! Yes you read correct I did write Holla Back. Anyway welcome to The UMNP also known as The Unnamed Movie-Name Podcast.
I am your host Ali there is no James (I killed him) but we are back with Alex and Iffy to have an epic discussion of Harry Potter and The Deathly
Hallows Part 2 aka Harry Potter 7.2. We also talk some news and what we consumed with a middle segment of "Trailer-Spotting".
Enjoy the podcast and if you have any complaints well TOUGH!! However, you can email us at, Twitter at us
Ali (@Broken_Engineer), Alex (@alicnik) and Iffy (@iahmad786). Also go to

Intro/ News:0.00-15.00

What We Consumed:15.00-45.00

Trailer-Spotting includes (Contagion, John Carter, The Thing, The Dark Knight Rises, Sherlock Holmes 2): 46.30-1.35.00

Harry Potter 7.2 Review (Spoilers):1.36.00-2.30.00

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Episode 4: No Names To Borrow

Hello, Thank You, Your too Kind and Welcome Back to Episode 4 of The UMNP also known as The Unnamed Movie-Name Podcast. We have James back and because of that we have no Alex and Iffy this week but fear not we have an entertaining episode for you? We talk a bit of Green Hornet, Speed then go to our main review for Arrietty and climax with our Shit List of Bad Movie Names.

The structure of the episode is below.

Intro/ Rambling: 0.00-5.00

News: 5.00-14.30

What We Consumed: 15.00-53.00

Review: Arrietty aka The Borrowers (No Spoilers): 54.00-1.14.00

Feature: Worst Movie Names: 1.14.30-2.01.00

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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Episode 3: Bay's Dangerous Methods

Hello and Welcome to Episode 3 of The UMNP also known as The Unnamed Movie-Name Podcast. I am as always your host,
sadly though we have no James this week so to fill in for him we got Alex and Iffy. Thanks to their contribution we
came across very sophisticated, yet that did not stop the podcast from inciting mysoginistic and racial attitude toward
any charactor or scenario in films we watched. Anyway, we have no feature but have an in depth discussion on some of the
latest trailers, talk some Transformers and what we consumed

Trailer Showdown:0.00-35.00

Review TF3:35.00-1.14.00

What We Consumed:1.14.45-2.02.00

You can email us on, go to our website or twitter us at Ali (@Broken_Engineer),
James (@Nostrajames), Alex (@alicnik) and Iffy sadly has no twitter but email will be fine.
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