Sunday, 19 June 2011

Episode 1: Summer Part 1 Review

Hey guys this is our first podcast so it will be very raw. Give it some time to cook.
Anyway Intro/Rambling (0.00-7.00).
X-Men:FC (Spoilers 7.00-32.28).
Topic-Summer Movies (32.40-1h42.48).
What we Consumed (Game of Thrones-Spoilers(1hr42-2hr04)).
Green Lantern Review (Spoilers) w/Alex (2hr24-2hr39).
Email us at (sorry we changed it) or twitter us at Broken_Engineer (Ali) or Nostrajames (James).
Hope You Have fun. Btw I also like to thank FilmJunk for the review system and being an awesome inspiration.

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